Natural Skin Care Sample For Two Types Of Skin



Often, we take our skin for granted. This critical part of the human body serves us in various ways. One of its critical functions is to provide protection for our vital organs and muscles. The human skin also is the first line of defense in which the skin provides a barrier against attacking infections. It is also a natural cooling system for the body as the skin perspires and evaporates causing a cooling off of the body.

This critical role, as part of our body’s health, requires that we nurture our skin and provide for its care. Part of that care is the exfoliation of the skin, removal of the dead cells, providing the proper nutrients and restoring the needed moisture. Because each of us is unique and responds differently to different skin care products, a good way to determine our specific needs is through a natural skin care sample. A natural skin care sample will provide sample products that are geared to our own specific skin conditions. Two of these specific skin conditions include oily and sensitive skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by skin that is shiny, dense and lacks luster. Oily skin is susceptible to blackheads because of the excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and their overproduction of oil. Oily skin can be experienced due to many factors. These factors include heredity, diet, weather, hormones, and more.

There are many natural skin care sample products that can be tested for their effectiveness on your oily skin. Such natural skin care samples would include products with a cucumber ingredient, rosemary and a witch hazel combination, an aloe and clay scrub mask and a specially formulated face cream.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a condition characterized by sensitivity to the cold. Those with sensitive skin also describe the skin as feeling tight. Sensitive skin is also indicated by obvious flaking. With sensitive skin the pores are smaller in nature which limits the flow of skin oils.

With sensitive skin a different natural skin care sample is indicated. This natural skin care sample should include products that hydrate the skin and prohibit the escape of moisture.

A natural skin care sample may include such items comprised of oatmeal and rose face wash, rose hydrosol toner, gentle rose/clay mask, and a light face cream. The rose qualities of the products allow for a gentle action to be experienced by the skin and the oatmeal ingredient addresses the loss of moisture.