Natural Skin Care Treatment; Natural Health for Your Skin



Natural skin care treatments are becoming very famous nowadays, especially among people who are very much concerned about the safety and danger of the skin care products they use. A commercial skin care treatment product would usually include skin care chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane and methylparaben, which are very harmful to the skin on long term exposure.

On the other hand, natural skin care treatment products would usually be those containing harmless ingredients like Goldenseal, Echinacea, lavender oil, calendula, olive, coconut, palm oil, lavendula angustifolia or true lavender, Queen Anne’s Lace or oil from wild carrot seed, Palmarosa, Niaouli, and so on, which brings no harm to the skin, no matter how long they get exposed to the skin.

Many of these treatment products are usually made by hand, so that special care can be taken of, to ensure maximum quality of the product. And natural skin care treatment products can be used for all purposes; facial, body, aromatherapy and so on.


Some of them most famous treatments that these products can offer would include the common cleansing, toning, moisturizing, reducing dark circles and wrinkles, fighting against acnes, reduce cracks and dryness, and curing for all sorts of other skin problems as well.

A facial natural skin care treatment would include any of these, and usually be using products made from natural sources such as tree leaves, bark oils, nut oils, flowers, roots and herbs, and many more. Most of the treatment products do not contain any chemical that are used in the commercial facial products. Take for example, even the cleansers would not have the most famous foam-booster Sodium Laurate Sulfate, and they would use any other alternative natural resources for this purpose; namely certain types of nut oils which produces foam when mixed with water.


Natural skin care treatment products are used for anti-oxidation purposes, because most of them contain antioxidants that repair damaged skin cells. Natural herbal resources like chamomile flowers, when put together with other organic compounds, become an excellent source of traditional bodily treatments for sunburns, eczema or allergic reactions. And at the same time, this chamomile, which also contains anti-oxidants, would help to repair the damaged skins and aids in faster healing of the particular skin diseases.

Another famous usage of natural skin care treatment products is for dry skin problem, which is nowadays very common among the working group of people who are exposed to various chemicals and radiations everyday. And these treatment products are very helpful when it comes to rejuvenating the damaged skin, back to the original complexion and health.